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Not me. He's Doraemon. One of my dreams is to make an artificial general intelligence robot like him.
My current interest is online decision-making theory in a multi-agent environment. The goal is to build highly applicable algorithms for a connected society.
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I am currently a second year PhD student at Sugiyama-Yokyoya-Ishida lab supervised by Prof. Sugiyama and a member of Geoinformatics unit in RIKEN AIP. You can see my CV here.
I am intereseted in the following topics.

  • Combinatorial Multi-Armed Bandits
  • Multi-Agent Multi-Armed Reinforcement Learning
  • Optimal Transport in Machine Learning

I am also the CEO/CTO of EfficiNet X Corporation. Our mission is to apply state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, such as multi-agent deep reinforcement learning to the real-world.

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4/3/2024 - 15/3/2024
I am going to attend the Machine Learning Summer School in Okinawa.